How About Your Flaws?



Heyyyyy YOU!

Do not give up on GROWTH yet. You will soon become a master at that character/emotional flaw you’ve been battling with. Don’t give up… yet!

    Chai! Where are my manners? I’m sorry that statement came straight up at you like that…but that was my intention though haha. Yes, I love you too! And thank youuuu! for bearing with me and my inconsistency chai. This lady is just trying to settle into this side of the world nicely you know… now back to our talk: FLAWS

    I remember when people would tell me that I have anger issues, and malice issues, and pride issues, and laziness issues, and perhaps every other “issues” you can think of lmaooo. And somehow, I always managed to magnify people’s complaints in my mind and I got reallyyy overwhelmed. So I would ask: “What do you want from me? Oh I should fix myself? Okay then, but where do I start from? It seems while I’m trying to focus on improving one flaw, the other flaws get jealous and really start to announce themselves recklessly. I’m just tired, ‘I cannot come and kill myself and die.’ People can say whatever they want, I give up…”

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Daddy’s Girl Or Not?

20180704_220836-01I was skimming through YouTube and I randomly stumbled on Samora’s video where she spoke about her relationship with her father and how it affected her academics (Directions to the video provided in the link below). I also had such struggle back in my senior year in high school, although not as intense, so I could totally understand the gravity of what she was speaking about. I know many people struggle with a situation quite similar to this, so I really hope this blesses them. By the way, I need to emphasize that Mrs. Samora Charles is such a humble sweetheart; she made the process of this interview extremely easy, even with her tight schedule, and I’m extremely grateful for that. Enjoyyyy!

1. Hello Samora! I’m so glad you have decided to share your story with us. Kindly give us a bit of background about yourself –also include your likes/loves, dislikes, liked-dislikes, and disliked-likes.

Hi, I’m Samora Charles, a proud New Yorker, big sister (eldest of 4), wife, restaurant owner, physician assistant student, fitness fanatic, and overall lover of life and all things positive. Medicine has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. The human body and all its inner workings are fascinating to me, truly the work of a Creator. I am honored to be able to learn the gift of healing the sick and cannot wait until I graduate with a Master’s in Physician Assistant studies so that I can start living my dream career.

Recently, I did a YouTube video for a fellow PA (physician assistant) friend who has a channel devoted to helping pre-PA students find all the information they need about the profession and the application process. I wanted to share my story because I am what you call a non-traditional student. There are many reasons why an applicant is classified as non-traditional, but in my case what it means is I was able to gain acceptance into a PA program despite having failed out of undergrad because my GPA was so low (0.9 to be exact at the time of my academic dismissal).

The reason for my poor academics is due to me being disowned by my father while I was a freshman in college. You see, my Haitian father is the typical strict immigrant parent who happens to also be a devout no-nonsense SeventhDay Adventist. He and my mother ran a tight ship at home and expected my siblings and I to follow their every instruction without question. Their expectations for my siblings and I were for us to be at the top of our class and to follow God’s words “to the T.” Needless to say, I had a very restricted childhood. I loved my parents dearly, but I truly believed if I wanted to be a well-rounded individual, I would have to leave the confines of their home. So, when it came time to apply to college, I submitted applications to all out-of-state universities that I could live on campus. Long story short, after learning of my plans, my father forbade me to do any such thing. I held my ground, followed through, and because of this, my parents chose not to speak to me or even acknowledge my existence. They also forbade my siblings to talk with me. This deeply affected me and my performance in school, which ultimately led to my dismissal.

I worked hard to correct the mistakes of my past and I am proud to say that my efforts have paid off. I also reconciled with my parents a few years ago though our relationship will never be the same. I think they feared that I would get caught up in the secular world of drinking, drugs, sex, etc. once I left their strict home. But now they realize that their fears were unwarranted as I have succeeded in completing my education despite all the setbacks and hardships.

Some other things/ fun facts you should know about me are, I am an avid runner and my dream is to run the top 7 world marathons (I’ve done 3 half-marathons so far). I love to laugh, travel, read/write, adventures, and ethnic foods of all cultures. I have one major dislike and that is people who exude negativity. 

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Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain?

I had to reblog this because it means a lot. Read through and take your time…


So sorry for the late post guys but I’ve been so busy with my research internship and then preparing for a trip to Texas. Also, I left my computer somewhere over the weekend. How was everyone’s week? I started work at the lab and it’s been so much fun watching my cells grow and seeing our experiments making progress, but I realized that working in a lab requires a load of patience. Some days I don’t have to do any work till 3pm and so I just browse through my Instagram and watch YouTube Videos. Which brings me to trending news from last week. Two celebrities committed suicide; Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. And there has been a lot of talk concerning mental health as a result. I don’t usually talk about things like these, but I just felt the need to put this out there, whatever you’re going through…

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19 Life-Lessons In 19 Years

design b(NEW)

Warning! Start reading only if you’re ready for the ride. Try to envision my dramatic self and high-pitched voice when you see words in CAPS or italics. *(Books recommended are NOT limited to the ones on here. Stick around…)

19. Life does not revolve around “school.” Hollup! Notice I said “school,” not “EDUCATION.”

People know that I loveeee school oh myyy! I’ll be honest; I used to feel like the biggest girl in the world because of my good grades. But here’s the “sweet” truth: I could get all the good grades in school and still not do something worthwhile with my life. This does not undermine the importance of “school,” again notice I didn’t say “Education…” yeah, I had to learn the difference by force lol. I’ll forever remain on my A game by His grace, but I’m glad I’ve learned that my life is beyond the four corners of a building, beyond a letter grade gotten from a 2hr test. I can only make it count by doing something useful with it, genuinely making efforts to LEARN and IMPACT the world around me.

Book: Why ‘A’ Students Work for ‘C’ Students. by Robert T. Kiyosaki

18. Your life-journey is not dependent on the pace of others. FOCUS!

Here’s the shocker: even with all my good grades, I didn’t get into college at the same time as my mates and yeah, that got me sad initially. I had to wait for about two years but little did I know that they’ll become the most valuable years of my life. Superbly uncomfortable at that point, but the growth those years brought is one I wouldn’t trade for anything! Towards the end of that period, I had gotten to the point where I understood beyond any reasonable doubt that: “As a child of grace, ALL my steps are ordered by God, I can NEVER be disadvantaged and EVERY THING works together for my good…”and so it is for EVERY child of grace (notice the caps). I eventually got into a college that awed me, but I was already confident enough in the pace of my life before that door opened. We sometimes get carried away by the successes of others and really miss out on the treasures that await us. Surprisingly, we also get carried away by the failures of others and really restrict our minds to the beauties meant for us; beauties that come ONLY when we embrace OUR journey. I’m forever thankful that God deemed it fit to teach me these at that point.

Book: Battlefield Of The Mind. by Joyce Meyer

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Why do you do the things you do?

Reflections on Wholeness interview 


Yoooo heyyyy! How are you?!     …..oh no, that’s not the question, sorry.

I meant “Who are you?!”…..yeppp that sounds a lot better.

If this is your first time on this page, a very special welcome to you! I usually don’t do intros like this haha, so just know you’re a big deal! Here are my top 10 reflections on a topic that I’ve been learning a lot about for few months now: WHOLENESS…it’s based on the interview I had with Miss Samantha Ivancsik. Oh! you haven’t seen the interview yet?! No way!…click away Wholeness  to check it out before reading this!

shall we?… 

1. “WHY DO YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO?” This question has been my “companion” for few months now; it haunted me, then exposed me, then broke me, then taught me, then refined me, and it’s still growing me! This question revealed the deepest parts of me; it opened up a journey to self-discovery. It’ll do the exact same thing for you, and even more, if you decide to answer it daily, IN ALL HONESTY…

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After hours of trying to convince Niyi that you can’t “draw” an interview…it’s not graphics designing…bobo finally opened up in the way he knew best…

1. Please tell us about yourself (also include your likes/loves, dislikes, liked-dislikes, and disliked-likes).

My name is Oluwafunminiyi Imisioluwa Adeogun, but my friends call me Niyi. I was born April 24, 1999. I’m black, and I’m from a family of five. I have two brothers. I’m currently in my second year of college, studying design engineering. I’m also the CEO of VOG Unmi Ltd., and I do graphic designs during my free time. I was interested in art since I was 7 years old but I kind of let it die down till I started working on things like Photoshop, then I got my vibe back.

I love chicken, graphic designing, basketball (I’m generally a sports person), and I 

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Yooooo! The wait is over! Thank you for being patient and enjoying the suspense lol, I really enjoyed it too. If you haven’t read the first part of my interview with Miss Samantha Ivancsik , just lift that little finger of yours and click this: Interview. I hope this concluding part of the interview answers some of your questions, eliminates some of your fears, and encourages you to give the wholeness journey a try. It’s highly worth it! Enjoy!

7. Do you have any regrets since the beginning of this journey?

Oh, I have no regrets at all. I only wish I realized it earlier. I wouldn’t have entertained a lot of rubbish in my life (laughs). But I’m glad it’s happening now all the same. I’m glad I didn’t have to realize later. Continue reading

Be the “cool kid” ALWAYS


“As hard as it seems is as easy as it gets?” errr…we’ll be back here in a bit. Stick around lol

I honestly tried so hard to pick just one story out of my numerous experiences concerning this topic, but I couldn’t really settle for one. So I decided to just write about a couple of ‘em in bits…

I used to be a people pleaser. I mean, who does not want to be termed as nice, generous, friendly, and all those other cool titles for them “cool kids”? But I used to wonder if some people really knew what they wanted from me. They complained that I was too fake and needy when I was being all nice and cute. Then they complained again that I was too proud and shakara-inclined when I was being all rude and carefree. They were probably right I guess, but I wondered, “So what should I be now?” I wanted to please them so I tried to fit into all they wanted at different times… (Very draining stuff right there)…

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There’s this one “thing” I’ll always crush over… But trust me; I didn’t have it all right from the beginning, especially my mindset about it. I had watched this “thing” fail a couple of times so I just disregarded it all the same. That thing? F-A-M-I-L-Y/R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P-S.
Hold up! did you notice that? What popped up in your mind when you read over the words “family/relationships?” Was it your siblings, your friends, that boy, that girl, the ex’s or future bae? Hmmm. Ohh stop it… And this is why you must follow the Relationship Twos’day series from now on.

When you hear words like “trust,” “patience,” “friendship,”etc., it is only common that people, scenarios, everything else but YOU would cross your mind. Thing is, we pretty much KNOW the right things that should be done in our families or in any relationship, but we seldom decide to BE the right people by focusing more on doing these right things rather than expecting them from others all the time.
It should never really about “THEM” for they are, in most cases, beyond your control. Rather, it should be about YOU first, for you are all that is guaranteed to change without resistance when you CHOOSE to. Stop prioritizing “THEM” thoughts and start cultivating “YOU” thoughts. Something light for this wonderful week.

Anticipate Next Blog Post…First Interview Feature Coming Up Soon…New To Blogging…I Love It!!!

Forgive yourself


This forgiveness thing ehn… I remember those days when I wanted so badly to act like a “good Christian” cus everyone expected that from me, and I thought all there was to this aspect was forgiving other people…which was already a hard thing to do then y’know. I mean, I gave my usual excuses: “people are just mean, they’ll take you for granted, they’ll hurt you again. You can’t be forgiving too easily, it’ll make you look weak and needy…” all that stuff. But as I grew more in Christ, I discovered that there was another part to it: forgiving myself each time I made a mistake. Surprisingly, this part was wayyyy harder and very veeryyyy subtle, I wasn’t even aware it existed…in my mind I was like “ahn ahn there’s this one too again? This life sha…”

But I learned (still learning) how to do both of ‘em, I was helped…it wasn’t easy (still quite tough sometimes) but I did it and I’m more confident that I’ll keep doing it till I get too good at it. So I’ve uploaded a story about one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made and how I got through it. If you judge me for it, “I won’t forgive you”…now this is a lie, find out why! Just check out the full gist by clicking on the You tab).

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