After hours of trying to convince Niyi that you can’t “draw” an interview…it’s not graphics designing…bobo finally opened up in the way he knew best…

1. Please tell us about yourself (also include your likes/loves, dislikes, liked-dislikes, and disliked-likes).

My name is Oluwafunminiyi Imisioluwa Adeogun, but my friends call me Niyi. I was born April 24, 1999. I’m black, and I’m from a family of five. I have two brothers. I’m currently in my second year of college, studying design engineering. I’m also the CEO of VOG Unmi Ltd., and I do graphic designs during my free time. I was interested in art since I was 7 years old but I kind of let it die down till I started working on things like Photoshop, then I got my vibe back.

I love chicken, graphic designing, basketball (I’m generally a sports person), and I 

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Yooooo! The wait is over! Thank you for being patient and enjoying the suspense lol, I really enjoyed it too. If you haven’t read the first part of my interview with Miss Samantha Ivancsik , just lift that little finger of yours and click this: Interview. I hope this concluding part of the interview answers some of your questions, eliminates some of your fears, and encourages you to give the wholeness journey a try. It’s highly worth it! Enjoy!

7. Do you have any regrets since the beginning of this journey?

Oh, I have no regrets at all. I only wish I realized it earlier. I wouldn’t have entertained a lot of rubbish in my life (laughs). But I’m glad it’s happening now all the same. I’m glad I didn’t have to realize later. Continue reading

Be the “cool kid” ALWAYS


“As hard as it seems is as easy as it gets?” errr…we’ll be back here in a bit. Stick around lol

I honestly tried so hard to pick just one story out of my numerous experiences concerning this topic, but I couldn’t really settle for one. So I decided to just write about a couple of ‘em in bits…

I used to be a people pleaser. I mean, who does not want to be termed as nice, generous, friendly, and all those other cool titles for them “cool kids”? But I used to wonder if some people really knew what they wanted from me. They complained that I was too fake and needy when I was being all nice and cute. Then they complained again that I was too proud and shakara-inclined when I was being all rude and carefree. They were probably right I guess, but I wondered, “So what should I be now?” I wanted to please them so I tried to fit into all they wanted at different times… (Very draining stuff right there)…

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There’s this one “thing” I’ll always crush over… But trust me; I didn’t have it all right from the beginning, especially my mindset about it. I had watched this “thing” fail a couple of times so I just disregarded it all the same. That thing? F-A-M-I-L-Y/R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P-S.
Hold up! did you notice that? What popped up in your mind when you read over the words “family/relationships?” Was it your siblings, your friends, that boy, that girl, the ex’s or future bae? Hmmm. Ohh stop it… And this is why you must follow the Relationship Twos’day series from now on.

When you hear words like “trust,” “patience,” “friendship,”etc., it is only common that people, scenarios, everything else but YOU would cross your mind. Thing is, we pretty much KNOW the right things that should be done in our families or in any relationship, but we seldom decide to BE the right people by focusing more on doing these right things rather than expecting them from others all the time.
It should never really about “THEM” for they are, in most cases, beyond your control. Rather, it should be about YOU first, for you are all that is guaranteed to change without resistance when you CHOOSE to. Stop prioritizing “THEM” thoughts and start cultivating “YOU” thoughts. Something light for this wonderful week.

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Forgive yourself


This forgiveness thing ehn… I remember those days when I wanted so badly to act like a “good Christian” cus everyone expected that from me, and I thought all there was to this aspect was forgiving other people…which was already a hard thing to do then y’know. I mean, I gave my usual excuses: “people are just mean, they’ll take you for granted, they’ll hurt you again. You can’t be forgiving too easily, it’ll make you look weak and needy…” all that stuff. But as I grew more in Christ, I discovered that there was another part to it: forgiving myself each time I made a mistake. Surprisingly, this part was wayyyy harder and very veeryyyy subtle, I wasn’t even aware it existed…in my mind I was like “ahn ahn there’s this one too again? This life sha…”

But I learned (still learning) how to do both of ‘em, I was helped…it wasn’t easy (still quite tough sometimes) but I did it and I’m more confident that I’ll keep doing it till I get too good at it. So I’ve uploaded a story about one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made and how I got through it. If you judge me for it, “I won’t forgive you”…now this is a lie, find out why! Just check out the full gist by clicking on the You tab).

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Focus on building you!


Yaaaayyyy! Finally get to do this!! I can’t shout but I gatts loud this!! You should watch how my face lights up when you bring up talks on family/relationships… every time, any time. Don’t we all live lives full of relationships, ALL KINDS of ‘em: with God, parents, mentors, siblings, friends, colleagues, lovers, spouses, children, even pets… So you can’t say no to this haha.

But yeah, this is quite different. None of Relationship Twos’day series will ever focus on the other parties of your relationships…trust me, it’s all about YOU this time. It’s all about becoming the best YOU can be, so that the beauty/ goodness in all your relationships can be maximized. Okay at least for once, something is all about YOU – more importantly, You in Him.

For so long, I’d always focused on the other person/parties in my relationships…everything else but myself. Then I realized there’s really very little I can do about the other person/parties, but there’s a whole lot I can do about me, a whole lot you can do about you too! So join in! Issa series of growth, featuring live transforming stories/ interviews with different amazing people: highlighting their strengths while building on their weaknesses.

We get to start the Relationship Twos’day series together! We can do this! Let’s do this! Cheers to the best relationships soon to come!!!